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We are so glad you’re here. 

As women we are so much to so many.  These blessings and challenges can leave us with little left for ourselves; to heal and to grow into the women we aspire to be.

We SEE you.

We honor and support the woman you are and desire to become.

What if you knew you had the non-judgmental, professional support you needed to be your BEST self, where you are right NOW?  What if you knew you weren’t alone?  What if there were someone you could count on for guidance and support?

We. Are. Here.

Here to walk beside you through every stage of your womanhood journey.

We have your back.

Whether you are seeking professional Doula support as you prepare for your upcoming birth and postpartum season, are working on YOU through lifestyle, personal fitness, and nutrition, aspire to make intentional changes to your life with goal and intention setting, or are exploring holistic feminine self-care;

We are here to see you through your journey.

With Woman offers professional Full Spectrum Doula Services, Certified Holistic Health Coaching, Transformational Coaching, and Surrogacy Consulting; as well as ongoing events and groups to support women and families by empowering them through unbiased education, authentic support, and our genuine love of Women.

With Woman is With YOU.

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