Imagine yourself in a bootcamp style obstacle course training.

You are pushing through an extreme physical and mental challenge; breathing hard, your body firing at max capacity…

Giving it all you’ve got.

You begin to approach the climbing wall; those ahead of you throw themselves against it and wrestle their bodies up and over, landing down on the other side.

You ask yourself,

“Can I do this?”

Your muscles scream loudly at you…. Self-doubt begs you to give up.

As you approach the base of the wall, you see a woman at the top.

She is perched there, legs straddled over either side.

Her arms reach down to the woman ahead of you, as she struggles to make it to the top.

You both hear the strength of her voice, calling for you to push yourselves and climb up to take her hands.

As the woman ahead of you reaches up and thrusts over the wall, the woman at the top, reaches her hands down to you…

She looks deeply into your eyes, with a knowing grace, and in loving but strong authority….

“Climb up and take my hand!  You can do this, I’ve got you!”

It’s like she SEE’S you, inside the most vulnerable part of yourself.

As though she can hear the doubt in your inner voice.

She demands you to push.

You realize you cannot let this woman down.

She will not allow it.

This woman who KNOWS what you have neglected to believe…

That you CAN do this.

Failure disappears from your knowing, and you dig in.

You push yourself up with everything you didn’t realize you had, and she does indeed grab hold of you, thrusts you up and over the wall, and you land on the other side, both feet planting firmly.

You are STRONGER than you allow yourself to believe.


I see you in your vulnerability, doubts, and fears.

As a Holistic Health and Transformative Coach, it is my passion to inspire within you, an authentic knowing and owning of your fierce strength and ability to be your BEST self.

Whether you are pursuing changes in your nutrition and nourishment, physical fitness, or overall wellness and lifestyle choices, I am here to SEE you where you are, and guide you to where you want to be.

My coaching services and style are unique in approach, tailored to your individual path and desires for self-empowerment, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

As your coach…

I am here to be the “hand up” at the top of every wall you come up against.

I will push you past the limitations which you place upon yourself, inspiring you to challenge your self- restrictive, limiting beliefs, in pursuit of your best ability.

I will SHOW UP for you.

I EXPECT you to show up for yourself.

I will see you through your own personal storms, without judgment.

I will hold space for you as we process and celebrate your challenges, and achievements TOGETHER.

We will work together to develop and put to work your unique plan to achieve your personal health, fitness, and wellness goals.

I WILL hold you accountable…

More importantly I will teach you to hold yourself accountable.

This is YOUR journey, I SEE you, I believe in you.

I am With You.

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