Vagina Steaming isn’t new; this deeply healing experience dating back to ancient civilizations has been a source of feminine wisdom and health for centuries.

Steaming your vagina is not only a beautifully sacred way to relax, but a healing holistic feminine self-care practice which supports healthy feminine Ph balance, gently cleanses the female reproductive system, promotes hormonal balance, supports cycle health regularity and comfort, aides postpartum healing, and eases the transition into throughout and after menopause.  Steaming is also beneficial to women who have experienced a partial or full hysterectomy.

Let’s not forget the importance emotional benefits of Vagina Steaming.  Have you experienced miscarriage, still birth, or infant loss?  Have you endured sexual abuse, trauma, or assault?  Do you carry the energies of past lovers and relationships within your womb space?  Vagina steaming facilitates deep emotional healing within your womb space, honoring these experiences and releasing old wounds with intention.

Vagina Steams honor the creative, feminine presence of Divine energy; through the healing essence of herbs rising from within the waters of the steam bath.  As the facilitator of Vagina Steams for With Woman clients, I bring vaginal steaming into your home, and set up a private, meditative, grounded atmosphere in the room of your choosing, to experience this sacred healing ritual within the comfort and privacy of your own space.  Steaming herbs are selected based on each client’s individual feminine and emotional needs, using pure organic herbs and flowers.  Vagina steaming can support  feminine health issues such as fertility and regularity/health of cycle, ovarian cysts, fibroids, polyps, and uncomfortable periods, endometriosis, PCOS, postpartum pelvic floor and womb healing, as well as ease into and throughout menopause, to ensure ideal feminine balance, particularly at the onset of menopause to begin to cleanse the reproductive system, and facilitate a smooth transition into the “crone” season of womanhood. Women who enter their postpartum healing period after birth may steam to cleanse the womb, so long as there is no risk of hemorrhage/extreme blood loss.  A steam can take place within the first month after birth, depending on the woman.

When the steam rises up into the vagina, it warms the vaginal tissue, uterine walls, fallopian tubes, and cervix.  This warming and softening allows build-up of tissues and blood which was not fully cleansed during past periods, births, losses, or menopause, to soften and release.  The built up, encrusted matter is called, “venous lakes.”  When steamed, the accumulation of venous lakes releases and often is flushed out during the next cycle.  Women who steam regularly often experience the release of old tissues and fluids in the form of a coffee like menses release, during the cycle following a steam.
To prepare the steam a custom made herbal blend is heated in moon water which I personally collect, bless and charge with mindful intention.  Stones, crystals and other spiritual elements may be added by the client to the steam bath before the steaming process begins.  A beautiful throne, fit for the queen within is lovingly draped for each client.  After the steam, the linens are removed and washed.  Each client experiences their steam with fresh clean linens, a sanitized steam basin, and their own unique herb/flower blend steamed within fresh moon water.  Nothing is re used, except the throne, which is never in direct contact with the client’s skin.  Vagina Steams require one full hour; which includes a consultation, selection and preparation of the herbal steam bath, seating upon the steam throne, water placement, and draping, and an optional sage cleansing and blessing as the steaming session begins.  The client then relaxes through the 20 minute steaming session.

A single steaming session can be beneficial for supporting emotional release and healing.  Regular monthly steams, or a series of steams for several consecutive months will most effectively support the physical benefits of Vagina Steaming.

Invest in a “Three Pack” and commit to most effectively supporting the feminine health, healing, and balance of your womb space.

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