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A Doula is a non-medical birth professional providing physical, emotional, and sometimes even spiritual -support for mother’s, as well as their partner and family, through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.  Doula’s may assist clients during their pregnancy in preparing for birth both physically and emotionally, creating a birth plan, and as a source of unbiased information to empower their process of preparation.

Our Doula Team provides truly unbiased, full spectrum professional Doula support…


We will not tell you what your preferences for your birth should be, but rather support the birth YOU desire, at every stage; whether that be at home, hospital, or birth center, non-medicated vaginal, medicated vaginal, planned or unplanned cesarean.

We support YOU, without bias nor agenda and will assist you in making well informed choices as such.

We proudly serve ALL family types.

As full spectrum Doula’s we serve our clients through pregnancy and birth as labor Doula’s, as well as during the postpartum season, as postpartum Doula’s.

We offer our services free of charge to those experiencing loss during pregnancy, or in the event of a still birth.

With a combined twelve years of experience, we feel honored to have had the opportunity to serve mother’s and families through some of life’s most sacred moments.

Is having the support of a professional Doula of interest to you?  Let’s chat!  We would love to schedule a complimentary consultation with you to answer questions and share the many ways our Doula Team can offer you the very best in professional pregnancy, birth, and postpartum support!

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